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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

01 Is it not more expensive using Mr. Handyman than the cost of using the casual workman's services?
Our charges are usually about the same or less than the cost of the individual workman's service, also followed with better supervision and guaranteed qualitative services.

02How efficient are the workmen at Mr. Handyman?
Our workmen are trained to be always very thorough with their work and are always closely supervised and monitored.

03 How quickly does Mr. Handyman respond to calls and requests?
We respond immediately a request is officially made.A workman is sent immediately to assess the problem.

04 Is it safe to bring your workmen to work in my home?
All staff of Mr. Handyman have been profiled by the police. It may also help you to know that we are extremely careful when recruiting a fresh workman to join the team. Conducting a proper background check is a rule with us.

05 How is the payment structured for your products or services?
We have a flexible payment structure which is dependent on the rendered services involved, and also the volume of cash to be paid. We accept cash payments, cash transfers and POS transactions as it is convenient for our clients.